Christian Wilde Bottoms for Tommy Defendi In the Season Premier of Golden Gate Season 5

By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – It is about to get pretty hot over at Nakedsword Entertainment because the 5th season of their blockbuster On-Line and DVD hit Golden Gate is set to debut with impressive numbers.

One of the biggest treats of all to look forward to in The Golden Gate Season 5 “The Cover Up” [2013]  is that sensational Gay porn superstar Christian Wilde bottoms for stunning Gay porn stud Tommy Defendi in the online Gay trilogy.

Wilde along with Defendi reprise their original roles from season 1 and season 2 along with Gay porn super stars Logan Stevens, Caleb Colton, Logan Vaughn and Dale Cooper as San Francisco Supervisor Scott Cox.

Catch the award winning Gay porn label’s Golden Gate season 5 “The Cover Up” premier on Monday April 3rd, 2013 exclusively on Nakedsword Originals.

Retailers make sure to check your inventory for Golden Gate Season 1 [2011], Golden Gate Season 2 “Seduced by San Francisco [2011], Golden Gate Season 3 “The Perfect Ten” [2011] and Golden Gate Season 4 “Tourist Season” [2012] because as you know, once Season 5 kicks off, your customer base are going to want to catch up with the series first four seasons.

Contact Nakedsword Originals exclusive distributor Media Parnters LLC to restock on Golden Gate Season 1 thru 4 will be coming to DVD in 2013.

NakedSword’s Golden Gate Season 5: “The Cover Up” premieres on Wednesday April 3rd, 2013 exclusively on Nakedsword Originals. Now if that wasn’t a hot tease for you, check out the movie trailer to Golden Gate Season 5 “The Cover Up” and find out why there is no stopping Nakedsword Originals in 2013.

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