Former Gay Adult Film Actor Continues Winning Streak for MMA

By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

HOLLYWOOD, CA – It seems that the taboo of being a Gay Adult Film actor has truly started to dissipate.  One of the latest upcoming superstars in the sport of professional Mixed Martial Arts for
MMA Worldwide is former Sean Cody online Gay Adult Film actor Dakota Cochrane – As he was formerly known by his online stage name “DANNY“.

Cochrane’s first debut for San Diego, California based Cody Media, Inc’s flagship website was back in 2008 which quickly developed into Cochrane performing in 16 gay adult film performances for

He first started off in the tradion of breaking into the Gay Adult Film Industry by doing a “Solo Performance” exclusively online at SeanCody.

The Award winning Gay Adult Entertainment website has a full page dedicated to Dakota Cochrane aka (DANNY).

On the page Sean Cody describes his experience with Cochrane – “God, the Midwest keeps pumping out some fucking hot young men!  Danny had never been out of his home town, so coming to southern California was a big deal for him.

He was completely wide eyed and amazed at every little thing. The palm trees, the beach, the blonde girls with the big boobs and butt tattoos — everything was new to this sexy little farm boy with the innocent smile.  “Do you have a girlfriend?” I asked. “Yes,” he said, looking away.

“Does she know you’re doing this?”  “Yes, but she’s not happy about it,” he replied.  That was the fun part about Danny. Everything you asked him embarrassed the shit out of him. But you could tell he liked it. He liked being dirty.” said Sean Cody.

Cody continues…”It was mid-morning and we ended up taking him to a friend’s pool. We put him in a tight little swimsuit that barely covered anything. He was splashing around, with a big smile on his face, having the time of his life. Of course, I couldn’t resist asking him to put on a little show. He’s got a sweet, tight ass and his balls are real nice too.

While I’m filming I like to keep a tight leash on the guys. If you give them too much freedom they get into trouble and fuck up the shoot. Afterwards, though, I encourage them to have some fun and they inevitably find the part of town where the girls are easy and there is a bar on every corner.

Danny was no exception.  The morning after his shoot I called him to make sure he was ready to catch his flight. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was grinning from ear to ear.  “What’s up with you?” I asked, “You sound chipper…” “I met two girls last night.”  Apparently he fucked both of them all night, and in the ass too. All of this after he’d already gotten off twice in one day for me. Man, to be 20 again.”..said Cody.

If you would like to review his classic work in Gay Adult Entertainment, visit SeanCody’s official website and see how Dakota Cochrane came to be a sensational Gay Adult Film performer for our Industry several years ago.

It truly is a great time in our industry when a “Pretty Boy” who has given Gay Adult consumers some of his most intimate moments with loads of orgasms.  For MMA Worldwide to welcome him into their family of professional fighters, it goes to show that there is more to a Gay Adult Film actor than meets the eye.

With his skills showing a professional record of 9-1-0, and his latest victory back on July 30th, 2011 when he defeated George Sheppard in 5 Rounds at the The Cage Inc: Battle at the Border 10, we can expect for MMA Worldwide to continue to push him to the top of the ranks in air time.

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5 Responses to “Former Gay Adult Film Actor Continues Winning Streak for MMA”
  1. chrissypoo says:

    What incredible spin!

    No one in the MMA community knows about his gay porn. I’m sure he’s not going to tell anyone either. So to say, “It seems that the taboo of being a Gay Adult Film actor has truly started to dissipate” is not true.

    The only way that would be true if the MMA community knew about the sean cody videos, and he continued to fight and the MMA community said “we don’t care.”

    If the MMA community found out about his huge gay porn career, he wouldn’t be fighting.

  2. Alfred says:

    Of course the MMA knows about his videos, they are all over the internet.

    No spin involved, it’s just that it doesn’t matter to MMA since his videos were simply an acting job.

  3. Leo says:

    Well the interesting thing is that Dakota Cochrane has now tried out for the new season of the Ultimate Fighter. Not only should he be a shoo-in on his ability alone, but it makes perfect sense for the producers to cast him precisely because of his gay porn past. It will make for excellent reality television once the other fighters find out. Dakota has tweeted that he has a child on the way and is going to be married. So perhaps he’s now put his gay horseplay behind him. He would be the only fighter of any standing to have ever done gay porn, so he’s a very interesting case. How will he be received by MMA fans at large? Over the last few months there’s been more online info than ever linking him to his porn past, so anybody googling him can now ascertain that. I hope he continues to be successful in MMA. But all of the ensuing controversy may well put him off his game. That’s the main reason cited by gay athletes as to why they waited till their competitive days were over before coming out. They wanted the focus to be on their sport, not their sexuality.

  4. markzzbr says:

    There is no such thing as “acting job”, baby. He is gay, or at least bisexual.

  5. Bill says:

    Why do you care?

    Are you interested in his ass?

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