Jordan Long Chats with William Lopez on Gay Boys 4 Straight Boys

Interview By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

Jordan Long is a bright new gay pern performer to the Gay Adult Film Industry who is currently starring in DiamondBack Pitures and Pornteam Distribution’s Gay Boys 4 Straight Boys [2011] which  is currently ranked No. 48 in the U.S.A. on the JRL Weekly Top 100 gay rentals and sales chart for weekending, Friday May 27, 2011.

This shows the staying power of this gay porn feature as it has been on the charts and in retail stores nationwide for more than 7 weeks.

JRL fans, welcome Jordan Long to JRL CHARTS.

William Lopez: Jordan, thank you for joining us here on JRL CHARTS.  Now…tell us how you first got the call to be considered for Gayboys 4 Straight Boys [2011]?

Jordan Long:   Thank you for having me . When I first started talking to director Aaron Kline, he explained to me about the production and asked me if I wanted to be a part of it.  At first, I was not too sure because I have never worked with him before, but then, I was like: “Hey, you only live once, so lets go for it.”  Then, one thing led to another, and I was able to participate in “Gay Boys 4 Straight Boys”.

William Lopez: How long have you been performing in gay porn?

Jordan Long: I started when I was 18 years old.

William Lopez:  Do you consider yourself a bottom, top or a versatile gay porn performer?

Jordan Long: I would say that I am very versatile, but I love to top.

William Lopez: Tell us about Gayboys 4: Straight Boys?

Jordan Long:   It was very interesting to work with the guys.  Aaron made me feel like I was home…he was very fun and nice to work with.   I would do it again in a heart beat! I even shocked him because I was helping him with yard work, and I still remember his face from when I started to help out; it was priceless.

William Lopez: What were some of the bloopers behind the scenes in Gayboys 4: Straight Boys?

Jordan Long: To tell you the truth, I don’t remember any bloopers. Like in a normal shoot, we had a few times where we had “hard-on” problems and stuff like that, but the boys I had the pleasure of working with and that we both had an attraction towards each other, made it easier to work.  When we were all done and over with, we all said, “we would do it again.”

William Lopez:  Like I did state, you looked as though you enjoyed your work!…Now tell me, how long did it take to complete the Gayboys 4: Straight Boys production?

Jordan Long: With my shoots, we were done within 2 days…I don’t know how long the whole dvd production took to get completed..

William Lopez: The Gay and Heterosexual Adult Film Industry is getting a lot of pressure from government officials in regards to condom vs bareback porn.  What are your thoughts as a gay porn performer — on the current climate of our industry in regards to condoms vs bareback?

Jordan Long: This is a very, very, very touchy subject, but all I have to say about it is…I would personally never do it, but if some one is comfortable doing it, then I would not judge them on what they do because I don’t want someone judging me for what I do or have done.

William Lopez: Some people say it’s simply the money for doing gay bareback porn as well as gay condom porn.  You also have others who say they do it because that is what turns them on and it’s not abou the money.  Tell us why did you become a gay porn performer?

Jordan Long: I did it because I always love having attachments and I think its a big turn on to have some one filming me having sex with someone and having them directing me on how to perform for the camera.  I love the feeling it brings before a shoot….the nerves you get in your stomach….. I love the fact that you get to meet new hot people every time you go and work for a gay porn company.

William Lopez: Gayboys 4: Straight Boys is a 2 hour gay porn sizzling flick. Do you think gay consumers will take to it like white on rice?

Jordan Long: I hope they do only because I know my scene was really hot, and I think every one will enjoy the movie.

William Lopez: What is next for you and DiamondBack Pictures?

Jordan Long: As soon as possible. stay tuned….

William Lopez: DiamondBack is making a name for the gay porn label with hit releases Bitten [2010], Josh Slyman’s Fuckfest [2010] and Takin’ It Deep [2010].  Were you disappointed that you weren’t cast in any of those gay porn features?

Jordan Long: I would not say I was disappointed because when they where filming those movies, I had not not met Aaron Kline yet so I would not say I was disappointed at all.

William Lopez: Do you have a blog or a pay site for JRL fans to review your work?

Jordan Long: They can always find me on Facebook or drop me an email me on Yahoo.

William Lopez: Do you see yourself becoming an exclusive to the DiamondBack Pictures gay porn label?

Jordan Long: At this time, I am not really looking for an exclusive contract. I like working with a lot of companies, but who knows!  Maybe one day Aaron and I will talk about it or you might see me in another gay porn production for a different gay porn studio.

William Lopez: What is the one thing that gay consumers will remember you by in Gayboys 4: Straight Boys?

Jordan Long: Either the tattoo on my back or how I got fucked because it was a hot scene.

William Lopez: Do you have a special person right now or are you single and available?  Gay consumers want to know!|

Jordan Long: I am single at this point in time, so every one hit me up! (wink, wink)

William Lopez: What type of guy turns you on the most?  In other words, what makes you wet?

Jordan Long: I really am into all types, but I’m really into some one who respects me, who is a big flirt, and who loves to cuddle, not just have sex!…Even though sex is fun!

William Lopez: Do you have a fantasy that you would loves to put on camera for gay consumers to see?

Jordan Long: I would love to explore water sports more on camera. I think I am starting to have a fetish for it.

William Lopez:  Jordan Long thank you so much for doing this interview on JRL CHARTS.  Do you have any shout outs for your fans?

Jordan Long: My shout out goes to every one that watches my stuff and every one that loves to have fun watching me and to all my fans….Love you guys

William Lopez:  Again big thanks to you Aaron and good luck and much success with Gayboys 4: Straight Boys [2011].

Jordan Long: Thank you once again for taking the time to interview me. I enjoyed talking with all.  Best of luck and hope you all keep following me.

William Lopez:  Jordan, thank you again for chatting with us here on JRL CHARTS…and remember JRL fans in America and the EU, Gayboys 4: Straight Boys [2011] is now available at your favorite Online retailer as well as your neighborhood DVD retail store outlet.

Retailers can contact Michael Greig via email at or call him at 1-888-599-8326 or 1-707-664-9398

Make sure to visit your favorite E-Retailer or stop by your neighborhood adult video store that supports gay xxx DVDs to get your copy of Gayboys 4: Straight Boys [2011]. JRL fans can visit DiamondBack Pictures to review more of Aaron Summers.

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