Dink Flamingo’s Active Duty Exclusive-Randy Dead at 22

By: Laudi Jaterka
Staff Writer
Email: Laudi@JRLChartsonline.com

We are sad to report that Active Duty Productions Exclusive model 22 year old gay porn star Randy, has passed away and not from suicide.

As reported by Unzipped online and Gay Porn Gossip, Dink Flamingo’s discovery Randy died from carbon monoxide poisoning in a tragic accident last week after falling asleep in a confined space.

Randy was one of Dink Flamingo’s rising stars and he had a promising career.

This is truly a great loss for not only the Active Duty crew but for Randy’s family and friends. His thick cocked graced the movie screens across the country in such hits as Summer Recruits [2009], Gung Ho [2009], Pullin’ Rank 3 [2009], Rear Admiral 3 [2009] and Bulletproof 2 [2009].

Randy can also be seen in Brent Corrigan’s new release Working Hard [2010] from Prodigy/Dirty Bird Pictures/Pulse Distribution.

Randy also performed as “Ricky Hawke” for Miami Studios/AVNS Inc Distribution back in 2007-2008. Randy did about 12 gay xxx films for the Miami Studios label prior to joining Dink Flamingo’s Active Duty label.

Here is a list of gay xxx films you can find RANDY aka Ricky Hawke in:

Cream Dream Marines (Firepower Studios/AVNS) (Click Here)
As Good As It Gets (Miami Studios/AVNS) (Click Here)
The Drill Instructor (Firepower Studio/AVNS) (Click Here)
Double Time 2 (Active Duty Productions/Pulse) (Click Here)
Pacific Rim: East Eats West (Rising Son Video/AVNS) (Click Here)
Port Hole 3 (Active Duty Productions/Pulse) (Click Here)
Twins 10 Inch Twinks (Miami Studios/AVNS) (Click Here)
The Surge (Firepower Video/AVNS) (Click Here)
Like White on Rice (Rising Son Video/AVNS) (Click Here)

Rumor has it that Randy could have been married considered he always featured a wedding ring in every performance. Most of the Active Duty performers for Active Duty are married and former military personnel. You can review Randy’s projects at ActiveDuty.com.

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